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Jennifer O. Hamilton, MD - Lead psychiatrist and owner of Catalyst Psychiatry, LLC


Lead psychiatrist and owner of Catalyst Psychiatry, LLC

“Life is a journey, not a destination.” – Anon

I am a Stanford trained, Board Certified psychiatrist who has over 20 years’ experience in psychopharmacology and psychotherapy. My goal is to work with you as a team to determine the most accurate diagnosis and then decide the best course of treatment. I make diagnoses based on DSM criteria and offer treatments that are evidence-based and reflect the latest research.

My philosophy is to “empower change within for your best life” by looking at all aspects of your unique situation. People often feel shame because they are having problems, no matter what the cause. I understand the courage it takes to ask for help, and my approach is one of compassion and non-judgment for your life story. I treat patients from all socioeconomic, educational, ethnic, and sexual orientation backgrounds.

I believe in a holistic approach and will educate, provide pros and cons of different treatments, give my opinion regarding a course of treatment, and then you’ll make the decision that is best for your life.

Talk therapy can be hugely beneficial when someone is struggling. I will suggest providers who match your needs if you would be best helped by a type of therapy I don’t provide. Your therapist and I will coordinate care to ensure we are working as a team to help you.

I encourage my patients to use complementary treatments, including acupuncture, massage, exercise, and good nutrition. I advocate for patients to practice good sleep hygiene and refrain from daily substance use, including cannabis, alcohol, and tobacco.

I look forward to assisting you on your journey.

Pam Twitchell - Office Manager, TMS Technician


Office Manager, TMS Technician

“Taking care of people has always been my passion.”

I am a native Oregonian and have lived in Corvallis since 2001.

I have worked in the medical field for over 30 years. My career in health care started as a CNA in a nursing home. I then became certified as a medication aide and later worked my way up to scheduling supervisor. I worked there for eight years and enjoyed all aspects of working with staff and patients. Next, I ran the front office of a bustling OB/GYN clinic in Kansas City.

After returning to Oregon in 2001, I was hired as a receptionist and medical records technician at a small clinic. I then trained as a medical assistant, drawing blood, giving injections, filling prescriptions, and doing EKG’s. I also supervised the indigent program for patients who were unable to afford their medications. After that clinic closed, I was hired at Samaritan Heartspring Wellness Center as part of the front office staff and worked my way up to supervisor. I worked at Heartspring for eight years.

In February 2015, I joined Dr. Hamilton at Catalyst Psychiatry as her Office Manager. In 2019, I trained alongside Dr. Hamilton with BrainsWay, to become a TMS technician. I enjoy working directly with patients in this capacity and to see the dramatic improvement TMS makes in people’s lives.

When I am not at work, I enjoy photography, art, dogs, and spending time with my adult children and mom.